OurAir FreciousCare

Indoor Air Purifier
(FCI 5000)

The high performing FreciousCare Indoor Air Purifier is an effective defense against multiple key air pollutants, keeping your indoor air cleaner and healthier at all times. Highlights include:


507m3/h Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Effective for room of 60m2, healthy air in just 4 minutes

No release of ozone or other harmful by-products

Uniquely designed for every modern indoor space



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Performance That Cares.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) represents the air purifying ability of a purifier; the higher it is, the greater the purification ability.

Combining a highly effective 5-level HEVA filtration technology and a powerful fan system, FCI 5000 can remove >99% PM2.5, 99.99% of bacteria. It is also certified 'A' grade for eliminating formaldehyde from the air.

Be assure that it is the best protection against multiple pollutants such as PM2.5, formaldehyde, VOCs, bacteria, cigarette smoke, odours and dust etc.

With a power consumption of only 30.5 W (high speed mode), FCI 5000 can help keep indoor air healthy at all times with the lowest costs so you don't have to worry about your utility bills.

Silent mode at 39 dB(A) offers peace and quiet during the night in a clean and safe environment.

FCI 5000 tested 100% free of ozone and other harmful by-products. Ozone is a by-product of some air purifiers with ionizers. In high concentrations, ozone can cause lung inflammation and trigger asthma.

Effective Coverage Area is the amount of space an air purifier will cover effectively.

In just 4 minutes, FCI 5000 is able to remove more than 60% of PM2.5 particles (in a 30m3 nationally accredited laboratory set-up).

HEVA Filtration Technology for Your Best Protection

HEVA (HEPA-VOCs Arrestance) is a multi-level filtration method specially designed by MANN+HUMMEL for your best protection. It includes:


Primary Filtration: Captures coarse particles (hair, fur, coarse dust)


VOCs Filtration: Eliminates hazardous substances (formaldehyde, volatile organic chemicals, odours)


Bacteria and Allergens Filtration: Purifies harmful airborne bacteria and allergens


HEPA Filtration: Removes fine particles as small as 0.3μm (PM2.5, smoke, microorganisms)

  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                                   +

    - Technology: HEVA Filtration Technology

    - Effective Coverage Area: 60m2

    - Energy Efficiency Grade: Grade A

    - Noise: 39 dB(A) (Silent Mode)

    - Voltage: 220 V - 240 V

    - Filter Replacement Indication: Yes

    - Filter lifetime up to 18 months

  • OPERATION MODES                                                                                                                   +

    - Silent mode

    - Anti-haze mode

    - High speed

    - Medium speed

    - Low speed

  • WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS                                                                                                            +

    Product Dimensions: 40.0 x 24.5 x 53.5 cm

    Product Weight: 8.9 kg (net)

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