OurAir - Intelligently protecting you at home, work and on the move.

1. OurAirNode

Silently checking on your safety, the OurAirNode continuously gathers data on the air quality inside a location, measuring the levels of the most-common and harmful indoor air pollutants. This information is fed back to a central big data engine via a secure wireless connection.


2. App OurAir

External air quality data is combined with readings from the OurAirNodes for a complete, live view of the air around you. Use the app to check on the quality of air that friends and family are breathing. And get advice on how to keep yourself

and your loved ones healthy.


3. Web Portal OurAir

The data gathered by the OurAirNodes is combined with a live feed of air quality readings taken externally. This information is presented via an easy-to-use, web-based application, enabling building managers to take control of air quality across their sites.


4. OurAir FreciousCare (Indoor)

Removing more than 99% of pollutant gases, allergens, bacteria, formaldehyde and PM2.5, OurAir FreciousCare provide effective defense in your home or workplace. It’s energy efficient, near silent, and creates clean and healthy indoor environments.


5. OurAir FreciousCare (Automotive)

Sitting in traffic exposes drivers to high concentrations of air pollution. The OurAir FreciousCare in-car purifier captures a range of harmful contaminants to protect vehicle occupants from the pollutants around them – effectively, quickly and quietly.

Mobile App for Consumers

Web Portal for Building Managers

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